Biored Forte

Biored Forte

(Increase the body weight in normal way without building muscles)


-Saponins found in Fenugreek help stomach to work properly and protect it.

-Increase apetite

-Insulin stimulating effect cause feeling of hungry

-Insulin-stimulating effects as well as hypoglycemic, or blood-sugar lowering

-Stimulate appetite

-Relax the smooth muscles of your duodenum

-Fenogreek also contains saponins, which help improve digestion


Brewer’s yeast

-Rich source of chromium which help maintain normal blood sugar levels

-Rich in fiber which increase food absorption and feeling of hunger

-Rich source of Vit. B complex

-Brewer’s Yeast is considered a probiotic

-Maintain the proper functioning of the digestive tract

-Enhances energy levels and strengthen the Immune system

-Rich source of protein, potassium, Iron, zinc and magnesium

-Maintain healthy skin, hair, eyes and mouth

-Supporting the nervous system and enhancing the immune system

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