Bio Caps Plus

Bio Caps Plus

Boosting energy and physical performance

Improves homeostasis and decreases CVS incidences

Outstanding health and well being

CNS and mental functions at their maximum

Augmentation of Immunity

Protection Against stress and fatigue

Supports Muscles, Tissues and body hormonal system

Plus 100% of the RDA for Vitamins and minerals


Boosts energy , improves vitality and upgrades anabolic physical and body activities

Augments CNS and mental functions

Elevate The alertness and concentrations

Improves homeostasis and decrease cholesterol

Reinforces the immunity and general health

Adaptogens , anti-stress and enhances well being

Increases the endurance and sexual activity

Heightens the resistance to fatigue by improving the oxygen appetite and decreasing the lactate production in the muscles

Accelerates recovery from exercises

Royal Jelly

Energizes body and decreases fatigue

Enhances Immunity

Nourishes body hormonal system and slow the aging signs




Lipid lowering agent

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